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We are Calabresi in America Organization. As a non-profit, membership based, social welfare club, we operate exclusively to uphold our Calabrese culture and history while supporting our mission of fellowship within our Italian community. Our strong rooted foundation focuses on philanthropy, volunteerism, and charity. The result of our program’s footprint will be our legacy to future Calabresi-Italian generations!

Proud People with Proud Traditions

Honoring our Calabrese heritage since 1987

Upcoming Events

We host events on a regular basis and details are added here!

See below for our upcoming events. We look forward to seeing you there! 

Tuesday, July 9th

September 22nd - October 6th

The Calabresi in America Organization Scholarship

Submission deadline: September 1st, 2024

The Calabresi in America Organization is offering a scholarship opportunity to students of Calabrian
descent. As a result of the generosity of our members, we are able to offer these scholarships. We
are committed to investing in the future of the family members of our organization.



San Francesco di Paola

Societa San Francesco di Paola

Come visit La Festa Della Famiglia
Casa Italia, Stone Park​ Il.
August 8th – 11th 2024

Casa Italia

Casa Italia is a home for all Italian-American organizations in the Chicago area.  Here, we meet to pursue common goals, preserve our past, celebrate our heritage  and ensure passage of values to future generations.


Joint Civic Committee of Italian Americans

Voice your opposition to S. 2970, a bill that would erase Columbus Day and designate the second Monday in October as Indigenous Peoples’ Day.

Fra Noi

Chicagoland’s Italian American Voice. We invite you to Embrace Your Inner Italian® while you enjoy Fra Noi, and we encourage you to spread the word about Chicagoland’s Italian-American Voice®.