It is with a heavy heart and sadness to inform you all of the passing of Ron Turano, our Past President and iconic member of the Italian American Community. To all of us in CIAO he showed us by actions and speech what it meant to be Calabrese. Ron Turano and his family legacy of not only their business achievements but how they served their Italian American community will be remembered and hopefully copied by generations to come. Ron embodied the Calabrese spirit, how he stood for family and his faith in life. He built a business based on hard work and trust and those qualities are seen in the family and employees that will continue his legacy moving forward.  Ron was not only an icon to Italian Americans, but an international man of spirit and service to all Italian immigrants of the North American continent as an Italian Senator. A gold standard of being a volunteer and service to his faith community through San Francesco Di Paola from the beginning shows an unending bond to Casa Italia and the families that have kept it going for so many years.

Although we gather to mourn in the loss of such an accomplished man and that we have lost a great connection to our Calabrese heritage it is our duty  to remind ourselves, our members, our family and the community every day how with hard work, dedication to family, and faith in God we can strive to be like Ron moving forward every day of our lives. This story does not end, it continues to live inside of us because we will carry Ron in our hearts and minds when we continue the service of CIAO as he did leading this group many years ago. I know Ron touched so many people in different ways in their lives, so for myself I take with me the way he talked to me as well as his gift to talk to many people, especially the public and how he could deliver a message with eloquence and pride.

We will miss you dearly Ron!  Rest in Peace with your family in heaven now.